Gone are the days of having to order a pint of beer from the bar only to find out that you don’t really like the beer that you ordered! Introducing the new way to get your taste buds satisfied through Cleavers New Self Pouring Draft Beer System powered by iPourIt. This new innovative Beer Tap Wall is here to encourage you to just sample stuff and see what you like! Pricing is based on the ounce, so all you need to do is get your cup and start tasting. Once you find the beer you like, fill up your cup and enjoy! What’s goes better with Cheesesteaks then a freshly poured nice cold cup of beer?

How to get started?

Follow These 6 Simple Steps:

1. Check-in to Open a Tab

Walk up to one of our staff members at the front register, hand them your Driver’s License, a payment card and then grab your RFID card (1 cup and RFID card per drivers license)

2. Explore

Grab a cup and check-out the drink selection by browsing the displays on the tap screens located just above the taps. These screens provide details for each beverage including type, brewer, description, ABV, IBU, price per ounce, etc.

3. Pour

Once you’ve made your pick, simply hold the RFID up to the logo at the bottom of the screen to activate the tap. When the green light appears, its go time! Pour asmuch or as little as you’d like, and see exactly how much you’re pouring in real-time.

4. Enjoy

Sit back, sip and relax till your delicious Cleavers Cheesesteak sandwich is ready! A few ideas: Catch up with old friends, meet new people, or just figure out what beer you are going to grab next, etc.

5. Explore More

Pour from as many taps as you’d like, up to the preloaded ounce limit that has been preset for each round. Once you hit the limit, just find a friendly staff member and they can quickly add more ounces from the front manager station.

6. Checkout

Simply hand your RFID card to our friendly staff members to close out the tab. Pay with the payment card on file and see all of your pours on an itemized receipt.

Beers Available